Do you want to improve your profile, connection and conversation you have with your community and stakeholders?

Community engagement

We thrive on connecting at the heart of our communities in genuine and innovative ways. In this way we talk to the whole community to understand their needs. Wanting to better connect or know what your community think?  We believe the best outcomes for any project are delivered with early, open and enduring community activation and engagement.


We get excited about bringing people together! Are you looking to get more out of your sponsorships? Looking for sponsors but don’t know where to start? Or a start-up wanting to connect with partners? We assist in brokering and maintaining innovative and meaningful business, government and community partnerships.

Stakeholder engagement

We are passionate about supporting quality engagement, conversation and collaboration with your clients, customers and  community. We work with you to ensure your key stakeholders are identified, engaged, informed and consulted.  We do this in a strategic and comprehensive way from the concept to completion of each project.

Government advocacy

Open dialogue with our policy makers is important for organisations of all shapes and sizes.  Our experience and knowledge of the three spheres of government enable us to deliver effective engagement strategies in a range of portfolio areas. We work with a range of organisations and community groups to improve their conversation with our government representatives.

Communications and content

Need to get a message out? We develop communications strategies and content for clients across sectors. Whether you are a startup who needs some help to kick things off, a community organisation with a new program or focus, or an established business that needs a refresh, we tailor our service to meet your needs and budget.

Strategic planning

We assist community organisations to support comprehensive review and strategic planning processes. Many organisations don’t find the time to stop, reflect and plan for future opportunities. Our experience in a broad range of sectors and ability to connect with stakeholders means that we deliver realistic and actionable strategic plans.

Our team live, work and play in the communities we consult and collaborate with.

About us

We harness the skills of local professionals to deliver tailored stakeholder and community engagement services. Our team live, work and participate in the communities and sectors you need to consult with – delivering genuine insight and connections. Our flexible, highly skilled team can scale their service to meet your timeframes and budget while delivering exactly the expertise you need to deliver on your project.

Our values

We are committed to open, professional and regular communication with our clients, stakeholders and the community. We are innovative in the way we engage to ensure you connect with the right people through all phases of any project. We are a flexible in the way that we work and able to shape our service to your existing capacity, budget, location and timeframes. We are local, engaging local expertise for every project. Most importantly, we are happy and this ensures our work is of the highest quality as well as maintaining our wellbeing.

How we collaborate

We live for collaboration. We collaborate within our team to ensure you have the right skill set for each component of work. We collaborate with you to ensure that we utilise your existing capacity and capability, this is not only cost effective, it ensures your values and experience are anchored within the project. We seek to collaborate with others and identify opportunities and unique partnerships across business, community and government that benefit your project.

We get excited about connecting with communities and bringing people together.

Who we are

I get excited about connecting with people, collaborating and activating

Taryn Langdon

Lead Collaborator

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